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Hot Little Therm is a digital thermometer which can be connected to an RS-232 serial port of any computer. Looks like this.

Hundreds of sensors on a single serial port!

Each Hot Little Therm device can support many temperature probes. The first 15 can be addressed individually, and the rest can be read all at once. Up to 16 Hot Little Therm devices can coexist on a single serial port. In all, you could have hundreds of distinct temperature sensors for each serial port on your computer.

Chances are, you don't need that many. One sensor is provided with each device and more can be ordered as your requirements dictate.

Here's one example of what you can do with Hot Little Therm.

So, what do I do with a Hot Little Therm?

Gosh, they have many uses:

Check out the outdoor temperature
... the Indoor temperature
... the Indoor and outdoor temperatures
Get paged if your machine room is too hot
Keep track of the wine cellar
and the Hottub
Monitor that batch of beer fermenting
Find out if the cat is sitting on your toothbrush
(cat temperature = 102.5 F)
That unique one-of-a-kind wedding present!

Vital Statistics

Comes with Software

Our software is primarily for Unix machines. The Windows and Macintosh applications do not have all the same functionality.

Check it out, the latest version of everything is always Here

Hot Little Therm software is provided as an example of how to write code to interface with the therm hardware. This means: It works as-is and we use it, but it is free software and we make the source code available, because we expect you will want to modify it somewhat to fit your requirements.

Online Help is Available!

Reference Manual for Hot Little Therm

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